Write a New Carol!

Why not write a carol? Here are some guidelines.

Original The goal of the Carol Slam is to inspire new music for wintertime, so please write something brand new!

Easy Carols should be fun for everyone to sing, so don’t go crazy.  Consider it a challenge to write interesting music without funny notation or virtuoso techniques.

SATB Please write your carol in 4-part harmony/counterpoint. That way lots of groups will be able to sing it.

Seasonal Winter is when we need carols. So make your carol be winter-seasonal, whatever that means to you: sacred, secular, post-modern, etc.

Format PDF files are the best.  Notation tools like Finale and Sibelius, make good-looking scores. So does engraving software like LilyPond.  You can also write by hand and scan it, as long as you write clearly enough for everyone to read.

December 19th Please email your carol to Ben at portlandcarolslam@gmail.com by Thursday December 19th, 2012. That way I can make copies for the house choir before we start rehearsing.

Copyrights Please use a public domain text, or obtain permission from your text’s author or copyright holder.  Or write your own text! Also, please allow your new carol to enter the public domain, for all to enjoy.

Finally, here are some tips to get you started.


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